A simple manifesto

We build simple, efficient iOS apps, principally Everyone, an app that tracks presents and gifts given to friends and family, without the flamboyant or garish graphics that are commonly found on apps of this sort. We’re committed to maintaining and improving the apps that we build over time, provided it doesn’t detract from the basic purpose.

We use the apps we build ourselves and we don’t like stale apps so we’ll try and keep them current and in-keeping with the styles of each major iOS release.


Everyone tracks presents and ages of your family and friends both for their birthdays and other occasions.

With a clean interface it allows you to import contacts from your Contacts book and quickly see how old everyone is, how old family and friends are compared to each other and work at a glance out upcoming birthdays. Selecting a new date within the app shows ages at any point in time.

Everyone allows you to keep a log of previous presents and gifts from year to year.


SynapticGap writes software that is useful to us. We use our own software day-in day-out and publish it on the assumption that if it’s useful to us then others with find it equally useful.